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Our pledge to you

We want to have you at hello, and keep you long after good-bye. Exceptional customer service goes hand in hand with maximum success, and Oak Brook Electronics Recycling knows your satisfaction is the thing that will keep you coming back again and again

100% Guaranteed Data Destruction

Oak Brook Electronics Recycling will keep your information safe. Privacy is something we all prize, but if you run a business you actually have a legal duty to protect the privacy of your employees and clients. If you run a hospital or healthcare facility that duty is even more pronounced. Most companies concentrate their efforts on protecting the data on active computers through the use of complex passwords, malware protection and various firewalls. This is all well and good, but they seem to forget all about that very same data when they replace their current computers for new ones. Oak Brook Electronics Recycling assures total destruction of your sensitive information.

Oak Brook Electronics Recycling

Oak Brook Electronics Recycling can keep your data from falling into the wrong hands. Improper disposal of hard drives is a growing concern and a way that data is being breached more and more these days. Some end of life blunders include: donating computers without destroying the hard drives first, hiring a company to get rid of the data for you without vetting their method of doing so, or simply shoving old computers into a storage room and forgetting about them

Oak Brook Electronics Recycling knows that the best way to assure your employees and clients that their privacy will be protected is by physically destroying the hard drives that hold their sensitive information. Oak Brook Electronics Recycling shreds hard drives leaving them in tiny little pieces, thus defeating anyone's ability to retrieve the information ever again.

We provide options to meet your specific needs. You can either choose to have Oak Brook Electronics Recycling come to your site with our self-contained trucks to shred your hard drives as you watch, or we can take them back to our facility. At our location we keep your hard drives under lock and key and monitored by closed circuit cameras until the shredding process is complete. We scan each one for model and serial number, and then present you with a certificate of destruction for your records ... so you know we didn't sell them for gas money.

"Zero Landfill" Policy

Oak Brook Electronics Recycling takes its commitment to the environment very seriously. Unlike hard drives that are self-contained and pose little threat to the environment when shredded, shredding electronic devices can release deadly toxins into the air. We take great pains to hand disassemble every machine that comes through our doors.

Oak Brook Electronics Recycling
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